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~~~ JN Enterprises & TFE: A Company Overview ~~~

*** JN Enterprises & TFE: A Company Overview ***

* JN Enterprises * 

JN Enterprises is a Canadian based conglomerate. Its headquarters is located in Toronto; JN Enterprises is the parent company of multifaceted Entertainment and Sports Company, TFE {The Franchise Entertainment}.


As the parent company of TFE, with more upcoming brands to be announced, JN Enterprises currently continues to brand itself as a global “one stop shop” for all a consumer’s wants and needs. Under The JN Enterprises umbrella,

 * {The TFE {The Franchise Entertainment} umbrella 
consists of the following brands}: * 

  •  TFE – Skar Designs Ink {Web, Graphic Design, Printing, and consultation firm}
  •  TFE – Top Tier Models {Unisex Modeling agency for models of all shapes and sizes}
  •  TFE – SV Records {aka Sinister Vibe Records} {Independent music and production label}
  •  TFE – Power Performance Management {Talent management and consultation firm}
  •  TFE – JN Collection {TFE – JN Enterprises high end fashion company}
  •  TFE – Empire King Productions {Live events and mass media production company}.

JN Enterprises will continue to further establish our existing brands while adding more exciting brands in the near future. The brainchild of JN Enterprises and all its brands comes from its Founder and Owner James A.P. Navarro. 

JN Enterprises and TFE {The Franchise Entertainment} has been a true “labor of love” with the weight of delivering on the hype and self expectations of James himself. But with great confidence, James states calmly: “There is no deadlines on dreams”.

After the completion of all companies and brands created, James further states: “I’m bringing my burgeoning conglomerate to the masses with the intention of providing not just one idea or business but many limitless brands.”

He continues: “it’s time to shake things up all across the world, starting with our own back yard, Toronto. All brands are an extension of me and my deep rooted passions. Its time to for people to feel excited again about something and not cling and clutch to there dollar citing the economy or lack of relatable brands out there to spend that hard earned dollar. We need excitement in Entertainment, sports and what we see in front of us everyday.”

Hardwork, desire, dedication and determination mixed with a business belief that branding is a major key to success, James closes with the following: “The work maybe done from the standpoint of my work in putting things together for the public to view.

The real work will begin. But one of the many reasons I started these companies will be the most thrilling for me: excitement, surprises, historic moments, memories and setting the bar for years to come, a standard of excellence that will be unmatched. JN Enterprises’ brands are my gift to you and the world.”

 “JN Enterprises, An Empire On The Rise”

* TFE {The Franchise Entertainment} *

TFE {The Franchise Entertainment} is a Canadian based multifaceted Entertainment and Sports Company. With its main office located in Toronto, TFE is the official business launch of parent company JN Enterprises.

* {The TFE umbrella consists of the following brands}: * 
  •  TFE – Skar Designs Ink {Web, Graphic Design, Printing, and consultation firm}
  •  TFE – Top Tier Models {Unisex Modeling agency for models of all shapes and sizes}
  •  TFE – SV Records {aka Sinister Vibe Records} {Independent music and production label}
  •  TFE – Power Performance Management {Talent management and consultation firm}
  •  TFE – JN Collection {TFE – JN Enterprises high end fashion company}
  •  TFE – Empire King Productions {Live events and mass media production company}.

With an eclectic array of Sports integrated into our TFE brand our main focus is Wrestling, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts {MMA}. TFE {The Franchise Entertainment} promises to bring to the masses an exciting, entertaining and progressive forward thinking series of Entertainment and Sports brands for years to come.

TFE brings to the table an infinitive level of exciting and unique brands to a mass audience looking for the “one stop shop” of entertainment and sports. The lack of definitive brands in Canada, we aspire to reach the status of the trendsetters and trailblazers.

The belief that anything and everything is possible with the aggressive attitude instilled by leader JN Enterprises & TFE Founder, James Navarro in every brand we readily admit that we are not for everyone as we look to push the envelope. Our objectives are clear, to cater to as many men, women and children possible but with a unique edge starting with strong branding.

The future looks incredibly bright for this young and vibrant startup company while maintaining the belief that reaching into the past for the present can always help to shape, mold and craft the future of entertainment and sports. TFE looks to set that trend while being at the fore front of everyone’s minds and hearts when clamoring for the “next great thing” in entertainment and sports.

Of course at a very affordable price for all our products and services while our goal is to also become a household dare say worldwide global brand.

With no reason to cheat our followers and fan base we strive for the essence of what a consumer wants: no b/s just a need to be entertained and feel excited again to shell out there hard earned dollars and know what they paid for is a keepsake bringing joy every single time out for years to come.

Follow entertainment and sports newest, brightest and hungriest empire on the rise as we are

{The Franchise Entertainment}

“In Pursuit Of Greatness”

* TFE – Skar Designs Ink *

TFE – Skar Designs Ink is a web, graphic design and consultation company. Skar Designs brought to life the official logos of JN Enterprises, our parent company and TFE {The Franchise Entertainment}. As a collaborated effort with the original founder, SDI is the backbone of JN & TFE.

With its founder and head designer at the helm, SDI is responsible for bringing to life the visuals of our companies as well as clients.

Our services available consist of: design for print and digital media such as personal and business websites, promotional materials such as flyers, posters, publications, advertisments, pamphlets, brochures just to name a few.

For your business needs include: memos, faxes, letterheads, banners, signs, business cards and more. Photo manipulation, templates for various items including fashion and sports products is also available.

The assurance of top grade work is guaranteed striving to achieve customer satisfaction. Our top priority is to give our clients top quality work and capture your vision precise as possible.

Consultation includes product and conceptual reviews, creative guidance, tips and our professional expertise. We look forward to assisting you in your design needs. We want what is best for our clients and keep our commitment to designing the future.

Feel free to be in touch with us here at TFE – Skar Design Ink so we can work with you in creating and capturing your vision.

“TFE – Skar Designs Ink, Skarred By Design”

* {Display Of Work To Be Online Soon} *

* TFE – Top Tier Models *

TFE – Top Tier Models is a unisex modeling agency for models such as upcoming aspiring and established models from all shapes and sizes.

As the official faces of JN Enterprises and TFE {The Franchise Entertainment}, our models represent the future of the modeling industry. Ranging from unique looks, attitudes and styles. TTM’s female roster most certainly represents that ideology.

Our ladies display the new age of women all over the world with strong, fierce, dynamic, exotic, healthy looks. Showcasing more than just physical attributes, our ladies also maintain a stance of an independent, confident, worldly and talented woman with multi dimensional looks and talents.

Our talented male models in the same respect present the strength of an independent man. Breaking through with an in your face, determined confident looks. Each male in TTM promises more than just “the look” but a window into what today’s new age modern man looks like for the future.

With an incredible array of trained, professional modeling roster our models are easily adaptable to all photographic backdrops to suit the needs of the client. Confidence and positivity is the real projection of all our models and there shoots.

A real sense of self and pride from our models proves that through hard work and determination anyone can be more than just beauty or brawn.

“TFE – Top Tier Models, The Faces Of The Future”

* {Display Of Model Roster With Full Bios & 
Portfolios To Be Online Soon} *

* TFE – SV Records {aka Sinister Vibe Records} *

TFE – SV Records {aka Sinister Vibe Records} is an upstart Independent music and production label. Compromising of an eclectic mixture of musical tastes such as Rap/Hip-Hop, R n’B {Rhythm and Blues}, Reggae/Dancehall, Pop, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Country, Dance, Soca, Chutney, Calypso, Bollywood, Bhangra, Reggaeton, Salsa and so much more.

Our record label houses an array of uber talented recording artists, a solid production staff, deejays, artist and repertoire, interns, marketing directors just to name a few. The common focus is to be on the highest level of churning out endless musical hit content. The mindset that quality music equals to longevity capturing the time period of those songs from great albums.

In a competitive music industry TFE – SV Records strives to put the focus back into what is a lost art form of crafting, molding and shaping top notch quality full length albums. We provide the necessary platform for our talented musical production staff and artists in order to reach those heights of exciting and great music. We showcase our talents in which they are the future of the music industry.

We as a truly independent label have complete ownership of our masters and musical catalog for public consumption including but not limited to, licensing for business needs.

With the finger on the pulse of the next wave of of trends in music, we set out to create those waves and new level of interest. We set out to create our own trends in the music business, proving that music still has a sinister and a sincere sound with a our own brand of tune.

“TFE – SV Records, Music’s New Sinister & Sincere Sound”

* {Full Artist Roster With Bios & 
Label Works To Be Online Soon} *

* TFE – Power Performance Management *

TFE – Power Performance Management is a talent and consultation firm. With a keen understanding of aiming directly at conducting results driven business with all parties involved, we provide our talent to potential clients for the purpose of improving or furthering the success of our clients businesses.

We specialize in providing businesses the necessary talent and or consultation for the best possible results for improvement of brands to help our clients selected targeted markets and demographics. Our talent is signed or affiliated with JN Enterprises and all its subsidiaries.

A power performance is the level of standard that we expect from ourselves, our talent and of course for our clients. This expectation helps to place our talent in the best possible positive results driven environment.

We empower our talent with the creative freedom to also help there placements be fruitful for our clients thus giving them a hands on approach with brands and those brands projects to become successful.

Along with talent placement, we also provide consultation for businesses. We maintain our stance on always keeping our clients best interests in mind. We as a firm have a very hands on approach with our finger on the pulse of social and business trends.

Our expertise not only benefits TFE as a whole business but other businesses wishing to utilize there untapped potential for future growth and be competitive.

With a vast array of talent such as designers, musicians, models, sports atheletes, writers and more, our talent does not disappoint. We encourage business relationships in order to help create strong economic business communities across the board.

“TFE – Power Performance Management, A Powerful Performance Empowers Absolutely”

* {Roster Of Clients To Be Online Soon} *

* JN Collection *

JN Collection is a high end clothing company aiming at the hearts of the fashionable men, women and children at affordable prices. It is the first JN Enterprise non TFE related brand currently cross promoted with TFE.

At JN Collection {cross promoted with TFE},we provide complete seasonal and trendy high end quality clothing at all affordable prices for your fashionable needs.

Our extensive lines for women includes: dresses,skirts,bathing suits, bikinis and other beach wear,blouses,shoes,tops and more. We also understand that women need to fully accessorize, so we have a complete line of various jewelry to match our women’s wear. We also have hats, scarves, belts, purses and more.

For our men’s lines we ensure for our men’s lines, we offer comfortable casual or dressy for all occasions. Whether its power suits, sport coats, dressy wear and buttoned up shirts to casual wear. We have also tshirts, shorts, and jeans. We have men’s jewelry, hats, toques and shoes for the trendy man.

Children’s wear comprises of sleepers, matching outfits, shoes, slippers, hats, toques and more for boys and girls. Children accessories such as earrings,watches,chains,necklaces and so much more to dress your children in style.

JN Collection’s lines with the use of flair of entertainment and sports from TFE, will dress the world in the finest fabrics and materials. We keep the best interest of our consumer with reaching our goal to the dress the world one person at a time.

“JN Collection, Always Fashionably On Time”

* {Full Fashion Lines To Be Online Soon} *

* TFE – Empire King Productions *

TFE – Empire King Productions is a live events and mass media production company.

As a live events and mass media production company, we specialize in television, pay-per-view, mobile communications, print, film, radio {see TFE Radio}, branding, marketing and advertising.

With production in live events such as: club, concert and sporting events including combat sports {Wrestling, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts}. We work tirelessly to bring real time events with a high tech feel bringing to the consumer the ultimate experience.

We have expanded our productions repertoire to mass media such as the aforementioned above but not limited to DVD, cds and blu-ray disc production and duplication. The production of merchandising for all JN Enterprises brands including TFE as well available for outside partnering businesses.

Our great staff also, brands, markets and advertises those brands which also includes publications and various reading materials.

Having continued success branding and marketing to a large audience with our brands, we have also expanded our production company to assist partnering businesses in achieving unlimited potential of success.

This possible through the willingness to consult, plan and execute ideals of our clients and partners, through strategic planning for brand awareness. Once created, we create marketing strategies to set your business apart from the competition.

Finally, we advertise businesses established or burgeoning brand by the way of unique creative campaigns.

TFE – Empire King Productions promises to lead the industry in high tech top quality production, branding and consultation.

“TFE – Empire King Productions, The Evolution In Brand Creation”

* {Signature Events Including The Announcement Of Our First Ever 
Public Event To Be Online Soon} *

* JN - TFE Management *

* JN Enterprises / TFE {The Franchise Entertainment} *
Founder & Owner:

James Adam Preetam Navarro

Executive Bio

James Adam Preetam Navarro is The JN Enterprises/TFE {The Franchise Entertainment} Founder & Owner. As a proud Canadian born with a rich Trinidadian {Hispanic & Indian} heritage, James is a graduate of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. He has also achieved his diploma at Centennial College’s Correctional Worker two-year program.

With extensive experience in the public and private sectors, including: market research, office administration, corporate managerial, food retail and analytic positions. 

James has followed his life long ambitions, while applying his strong leadership and managerial experience in order to found upstart company, JN Enterprises, a corporate business brand creation and holding company. 

He created JN Enterprises very first business model, the exciting Entertainment and Sports Company: TFE {The Franchise Entertainment}.

“My passions run deep from my childhood until the present day” says the aggressive entrepreneur. “I felt that ownership of a brand {s} is the key to self-reliance and independence. I wanted to be able to leave something behind for my kids to pass on to every generation of my Navarro family long after I am gone. So the best way to do so is to create a unique and progressively forward thinking company possible.”

James leads the cache of exciting and vibrant brands under the JN Enterprises umbrella. He states: “Branding, marketing that brand, then advertising the marketing of that brand is the keys to establishing strong brand{s} starting with the company’s brand establishment.” 

He further states: “One of my objectives with my companies and its brands, is to have something identifiable globally starting with my own backyard here in Canada specifically Toronto. 

In doing so there is endless revenue streams that benefit us, our communities and the work force and be apart of something different that isn’t a offshoot of another countries’ brand extension, in order to create jobs and ensure everyone achieves incredible success being with something new, fresh and unique.”

The future holds many challenges for James Navarro and his burgeoning brands. One thing that is certain: JN Enterprises & TFE is here to stay for many years to come.

“JN Enterprises, An Empire On The Rise”

{The Franchise Entertainment}

“In Pursuit Of Greatness”

For more information on James Navarro, feel free to connect with him on the following:

* JN - TFE Brand Extensions: *

 * TFE Radio *
“Uncut & Uncensored”

TFE Radio is the first mass media creation of TFE’s Empire King Productions. The show will be broadcasted uncut and uncensored as per the tagline. It will start off as broadcasted on the internet.

The show will be available as a podcast which will be available for download from our website if the listeners miss the original broadcast or those that happen to want the show on the go. Various formats will include but not limited to, especially mp3 format for the listener’s desktop, laptop, ipod, ipad and more. It will be easily accessible for your listening pleasure.

Our show will showcase TFE talent in exclusive interviews and features. Such talent will include our models, fashion designers, represented talent and of course our musical acts and producers. An example, of this will be to break new records from our musical roster as well using the music for backdrops for segments during the show, also for intros and outros.

For the broadcast, there will be talk segments, features, interviews, news, promotional ads and exclusive interviews. Interviews will not be limited to our talent but to talent from the past, present and future. Interesting personalities from entertainment, sports, politics and various forms of business. We take an audio look into the past, present and the future.

With an exciting format for the show, TFE Radio will live up to it’s tagline of “Uncut & Uncensored”. Listener discretion will be advised. We will spare no expense to speak our minds and to let our guests speak there minds. It should be fireworks and madness on TFE Radio. We aim to entertain and inform, stay tuned!

“TFE Radio, Uncut & Uncensored”

* {Test Pilot Shows To Be Online Soon} *

* Connect With JN & TFE Online: *