Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Courtesy of TFE - Radio: TFE - Radio: The Pilots Episode #9: "The Exorcist Turns 40!!!" - Thursday December 26Th 2013. - 7+ Hour Show!!!

TFE - Radio: The Pilots Episode #9: "The Exorcist Turns 40!!!" - Thursday December 26Th 2013. - 7+ Hour Show!!!

Tonight, the scariest movie of all time is celebrated in a near 7 1/2 hour uncut and uncensored epic show hosted by James "Strength" Navarro.

In this episode, is the most detailed and thorough show ever covering The Exorcist.

What is included in tonight's 40 year celebration of The Exorcist:

- Introduction including a brief background on Pazuzu...

- "Strength" gives his personal feelings on the impact The Exorcist has had on him...

- The extensive details about the real life case of possession that inspired the novel and movie by William Peter Blatty...

- The Exorcism (s) in the 1940s of "Roland Doe": The before, during and after. The events surrounding this remarkable set of events...

- Details and notes of the film and documentaries based on Doe's exorcism: "In The Grip of Evil" (1997), "Possessed" (2000) & "The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of The Exorcist" (2010)...

- The Novel: The Exorcist (1971) written by William Peter Blatty. Notes and facts in comparison to the film...

- Book Club: "Strength" reads passages from the novel including The Shocking turn of events of Regan MacNeil and her eventual Exorcism...

- The Movie: The Exorcist (1973) directed by William Friedkin. Points of interest, comparisons to the novel and so much more...

- The Fear of God: 25 Years of The Exorcist (1998)...

- Exorcist II: The Heretic & The Exorcist III...

And, so much more in this jammed packed record breaking marathon show!...

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